SLORC Announcement NO. 1/90

SLORC Announcement NO. 1/90
   Opposition parties, especially the National League for Democracy, won a landslide victory in the General Election of May 27, 1990, but the State Law and Order Restoration Council (SLORC) refused to allow formation of a government of elected Pyithu Hluttaw representatives. On July 27, 1990, it promulgated "Announcement No. 1/90," which declared that a transfer of power to civilian authorities could not take place until a new constitution was drafted, and that the elected representatives were responsible for doing so. It also declared that the junta, a martial law regime "not bound by any constitution," had exclusive legislative and judicial power and exercised administrative authority with the assistance of lower-level governmental bodies. The junta gave the National Convention, first convened in 1993, the responsibility of drafting a new basic law. Signed by SLORC Secretary-1 Khin Nyunt, Announcement 1/90 expressed the SLORC's determination to maintain complete control over the political transition process.
   See also Gandhi Hall Declaration.

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